Newt is the captain of Pirate Express and the son of Poseidon. He is one of the main protagonists.


Newt is a young twelve year old boy with the common features of humanoid Atlanteans, blue skin and gill-shaped body parts. He has green hair and freckles (darker shade of blue than his skin). His outfit consists of a black shirt with short light gray sleeves and a trident printed on it and black pants.

Personality Edit

Newt is known mainly for being adventurous, as shown by his eagerness to become the new captain of pirate express. It's also worth noting that the young Atlantean boy is also comically caught up in bad luck, almost always because of the piratical (well, what did you expect? they are pirates) behavior of his crew (LaPoutine has been caught guilty often). However, despite this, Newt is a very generous boy who has a good heart and nature and a very persistent sense of justice and righteousness. He is also very determined.

Relationships Edit

LaPoutine Edit

Although LaPoutine was the (now former) captain of Pirate Express, it was uncontrollable and caused problems, which is one of the main reasons their ship was trapped in the bottle. LaPoutine is rather annoying and noisy, since his hobby is to collect and steal treasures, gems, coins and all sort of Pirate stuffs, even though they were in a good side. Even so, LaPoutine is just a normal friend-enemy of Newt, which is (kind of) worrying, since it will still cause trouble.

Armando Edit

Armando is the romeo and lover-type Spanish human and used to cause troubles, and tries to flirt every beautiful girls in the world he found. Since he lived in Spain, it's normal since Spain is popular for its lover type men.

Booli Edit

Booli is the chef of the express, and the connection between the both of them aren't very close, since he also causes trouble to the crews and ship (the reason is usually because of Booli's greediness for food.

Burt Edit

The puppet Burt is a crazy, narrow-minded and stiff, which is common for puppets. Newt and Burt didn't really seemed to be close.

Noticeable Quotes Edit

"Who did that?"


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